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Hollywood’s Newest Phenomenon Soars: ‘The Art of Racing In The Rain’

Milo Ventimiglia (Denny) poses for the cameras at the preview for “The Art of Racing In The Rain.” This production is the actor’s biggest acting job yet, which drew more publicity and paparazzi to the preview. Amanda Seyfried (Eve) offers photographers a big smile at the preview for “The Art of Racing In The Rain.” The actress has starred in many films including Mama Mia, one of Hollywood’s most successful productions.

Izzy Sareen ’22

October 4, 2019

If you are a dog enthusiast and have been on the edge of your seat for another dog movie to enter the theaters, you’re in luck. 20th Century Fox’s newest production, “The Art of Racing In The Rain,'' will satisfy your hunger for animal films. This movie specifically changes up the pattern of animal...

‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ delivers a storyline that is ‘ruff’ around the edges

Katie Simons ’22

October 4, 2019

I’m the first to admit that I love dogs. I’ve had four of my own, and I can say nothing makes my heart happier than watching dogs. So when Simon Curtis’ “The Art of Racing in the Rain” came out, I knew I had to see it. The movie takes place through the eyes of Enzo (Kevin Costner), a...

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Milo Ventimiglia