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Dance is an art, not a sport

Dance is an art, not a sport

January 3, 2017

By Kate Lewis '18 Growing up as dancer, while my friends played soccer and softball and field hockey, I was often asked if dance is my “sport.” When I was younger, I would reply yes, because I considered it to be just as difficult as any sport I saw my friends doing. And there were those kids...

[Sept. 2016 News] Staples embraces emotional intelligence

October 11, 2016

By Rebecca Rawiszer '17 Public Relations Director and Frenchy Truitt '17 News Editor Staples’ staff and faculty attended a presentation by Director of Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Marc Brackett, in preparation for the 2016-2017 academic year. Brackett taught the Staples faculty th...

The journey that is mononucleosis

The journey that is mononucleosis

Ben Foster, Staff Writer

June 18, 2016

I walk up to the starting line, take a deep breath and hear the gun. Before I even realize it, I’ve run the four fastest laps of my life. Immediately following the race, I’m embraced by my teammates and fans but don’t hear a word as I try to catch my breath and gather my bearings. *24 hou...

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