To help reduce the stresses of high school, an open campus should be mandatory


As we near the end of the school year, students in all grades are wishing they can enjoy the warm weather, hoping that summer would come sooner. Naturally, students want the school day to pass as fast as they can. But, after seven long hours of working, thinking and processing information, it is not irrational for students to want to leave campus and clear there head by grabbing a bite to eat.

But, unfortunately, Staples High school remains a “closed campus”. This means that students cannot leave the school property without a note from a parent. As high school students are approaching the age of being an adult, it is ridiculous that students are not granted the freedom to leave campus during their lunch or free period.

The reasoning behind this rule is that Staples High school is responsible for the child if they leave. But, by simply making the campus open, the school is no longer responsible and cannot be held accountable.

And of course, the administration does not want students coming in and out of the school as it could be seen as a security risk. But, on the contrary, with the rules we have right now, people can walk in and out of the front door and right by the front desk without being questioned.

But, even with this ineffective rule, students will take the risk and leave the school grounds anyway. But, with these actions, they run the chances of getting detention or possibly worse.
I think that every single student should be given a keycard. This card can be used to swipe themselves in and out throughout the day, taking the stress off of the administration and putting the responsibility on the student. What people don’t realize is that students already leave school. They just walk outside without receiving any repercussions. At least, with a keycard, the administration could know when the student leaves and when they return.

With this card, kids may return from eating lunch to continue with their work. This could motivate students and make them eager to learn, rather than just sitting inside wishing they could leave.