The Oscars swept through 2016 with red carpet looks, winners and mixed reviews

The Oscars swept through 2016 with red carpet looks, winners and mixed reviews

Kate Lewis, Staff Writer

The 2016 Oscars had much to offer, including predicted winners, eye catching fashion, breathtaking performances, and a host who wasn’t afraid to keep quiet.

The Best Actor and Best Actress winners, one awaiting his well deserved Oscar after five previous nominations and one on just her first nomination, Brie Larson and Leonardo Dicaprio, for “Room” and “The Revenant,” weren’t big surprises and have thought to be shoe-ins ever since the nominees were announced. Leo finally snagging his first Oscar was the highlight of the night for many viewers.

This year’s Red Carpet had a handful of some really exquisite looks, including Charlize Theron in Dior, Saoirse Ronan in a specially made Calvin Klein, Rachel McAdams wearing August Getty Atelier, and many memorable others.

Avery Landon ’18, especially took to Alicia Vikander’s dress. The Best Actress winner in a yellow Louis Vuitton gown wowed many Red Carpet enthusiasts, including Landon, who commented, “ I absolutely loved Alicia Vikander’s dress. She looked stunning.”

I think everyone can agree that Lady Gaga stole the show this year, with her emotional and moving performance of “Til it Happens To You.” Standing alongside as many as 50 other sexual assault victims during the performance, Gaga moved just about everyone in the audience and at home.

Mackenzie Lavoie ’16, said, “Lady Gaga was phenomenal, I got chills,” regarding the pop star’s performance.

A large part of this year’s Oscars was the lack of diversity among the nominees. The host, comedian and actor Chris Rock, wasn’t afraid to talk about the issue and decided to make almost the entire night about it. Were some parts funny? Did some parts go too far? There were many questions being asked about Rock’s commentary and many mixed reviews.
The night on a whole also received mixed reviews. Antonio Antonelli ’19, said, “Splendid, but just a bit banal as well.”