One act play festival is one big hit


This weekend, the normally quiet blackbox theater was noisy with conversation and anticipation as audiences filed inside for the annual one act play festival. The festival, which is a compilation of 10 minute plays directed by Staples students in the directing class, held two shows on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The performances are the culmination of over a month’s worth of hard work and give student actors and directors the opportunity to display their talent both on and off the stage.

Those involved with the production say that while the rehearsal period was exhausting, it was ultimately well worth it.

“It’s the best feeling ever to know that all your hard work paid off because people were entertained,” said ensemble member Pedro Da Silva ’15.

While many of the plays were funny and light-hearted, some struck a more serious tone, such as Don Nigro’s “Letters from Quebec to Providence in the Rain,” directed by Evan Klasky ’15.

According to Klasky, the hardest part about preparing for the performance was making sure that the complex play would make sense to the audience.

“The play is really complicated, so we have to make sure that the main points are very clear,” said Klasky. “[I was more] anxious than nervous, but my cast [worked] so hard and [they were really] ready for the performance.”

The event is unique because rather than putting on one long play, students get to showcase their talents in a variety of genres while taking responsibility for all the behind-the-scenes elements too.

“I think the best part about One Acts is that the audience gets to see a bunch of different shows,” said performer Rachel Beck ’15. “Each show is directed by a student and all of the lighting, sets, and costumes are done by students, which is cool.”