New eatery grills the competition

New eatery grills the competition

Rachel Labarre, Managing Editor

After circling around for a parking spot at Fairfield’s newest restaurant, The Grilled Cheese Eatery, shrieks of children fill your ears as you squeeze past a waiter who is balancing a tomato soup bowl on a tray.

You might feel a little pessimistic that your fifteen minute trip for some cheese and bread was not worth it. And when I first walked in to this scene, doubts filled my mind. Is this food actually going to be quality or is it just children’s finger food? Is this worth my time and money?

After waiting much longer than it should take to make a grilled cheese and fries, I realized it was worth the wait and the claustrophobia. The grilled cheese eatery does a great job of making perfectly grilled – not too burnt, but not too soft – assortment of cheeses. They not only serve the classic American grilled cheese, but also Macaroni and Cheese grilled cheese, and other delicious forms of  grilled cheese, such as “The California” which is brie, fontina, turkey, avocado, tomato, apple.

But grilled cheese isn’t this restaurant’s only specialty, despite their name. They have a make-your-own-salad bar with three, high-quality different types of tomato soup and a variety of other types of soup that change every day.

Not only will the melting cheese delight your taste buds, but the meal doesn’t steal much from your wallet, either. The average grilled cheese is $10, and add to that a few bucks for fries and a drink, you’re paying around $15 for a quality meal. Interestingly enough, another popular and up-coming eatery, The Melt, charges around $8 per sandwich. With only a few dollars difference, Fairfield’s hub is worth the quality.

So if savory grilled cheese is worth “traveling” to Fairfield, coloring on your placemat next to the four-year-old at the proximal table, and waiting twenty minutes for a meal that should take five, The Grilled Cheese Eatery is for you. And if not, don’t get jealous every time someone Instagrams the gooey deliciousness.