New flix on Netflix

1. If you like horror… American Horror Story 

Every season of American Horror story follows a different story line, but only the first season, Murder House, is currently on Netflix. Murder House is about a family that moves into a haunted mansion, so cliché. But the show is anything but ordinary. It’s deliciously twisted and just plain creepy on so many levels. Alex Brown ’16 said the show keeps you on your toes. “American Horror Story is such a suspenseful show, sometimes to the point that I’ve almost had to turn it off because it’s gotten too freaky—but it’s so interesting, like, you have to keep watching,” Brown said.

2. If you like drama… Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives follows the story of housewives who seem to be leading normal lives. But behind their perfectly manicured lawns and their streak-free windows are tons of secrets and lots of drama. This show is a must. It’s a mash-up of Pretty Little Liars and Real Housewives, but classier. “I have watched the whole series on Netflix like 5 times,” Hadley Ward ’15, a diehard fan said. “It is so addicting, and every time I watch it, I appreciate it more, and at this point I can actually quote, like, the entire show.”

3. If you like comedy… Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is a quirky comedy that stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. The show is about a group of high school students, all facing their own problems. Katie Wong ’16 said that the show is perfect for every high schooler. “It’s really relatable. It portrays high school in, like, a more accurate and non-dramatic fashion—like not everyone’s drinking and partying compared to, like, Skins or something,” Wong said. “It’s really funny too, in an adorable way.”

4.  If you like drama and comedy… Weeds

Weeds is definitely not a family-friendly show, but it’s super funny and well-done. The show has a unique storyline. It’s about a suburban mother whose husband dies. In order to keep up with her current lifestyle, this mother will support her family by selling drugs to the neighbors. “It just has a really interesting plot, and the characters are just really relatable and easy to empathize with. This makes me really want to keep watching the show and see how much they change from the beginning to end,” Ward said.

5.  If you like action and comedy… Psych

Psych is about a guy named Shawn Spencer who is hyper-observant but tricks the police into thinking he is a psychic and can use his special ability to attempt to solve various difficult cases. Annie Gao ’16 said the show is entertaining, and not too scary. “I like it because it’s really funny, but, since it’s, like, a crime show, it has mystery and suspense, too,” Gao said. “Not a lot of shows keep me interested, but this one definitely does because each episode is about a new case.”