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2013 Naughty or Nice List

Amy Perelberg

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Brandon Marshall

The wide receiver for the Chicago Bears wore green cleats at the Oct. 10th game against the Giants, to raise awareness for Mental Health Week. This risky move cost Marshall a $10,500 fine from the NFL, but that didn’t bother him; in fact, he donated the same amount to a charity for mental illnesses.

“This act took a lot of courage, and I admire that,” Andres Marmelo ’16 said.

Malala Yousafzai

In case you haven’t heard about this powerhouse, the Taliban shot Yousafzai for fighting for her right to education. Not only has she risen above the incident, she has become a global activist for education and was shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her book “I am Malala” was released this year, and her inspiring story guarantees her a spot on the nice list. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s only 16?

“Malala should be praised for all of her perseverance. Despite all of the social bounds her society placed on her, she has still managed to make a difference in the world,” Issy Pieper ’14 said.

Ryan Gosling

He deserves to be on the nice list for more than his beautiful eyes and the fact that he took his mom to the Gangster Squad premiere. Ryan also saved a British woman from being hit by a New York Taxi cab last spring. Ugh, what a winner.

“Everyone loves him simply because he’s the most gorgeous man on this earth, plus he’s so charming,” Colleen Bannon ’17 said.

To repeat, he has beautiful eyes, treats his mom well, and saved a woman’s life.

Where’s the mistletoe?

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From October first through the 16th, the United States government was in a temporary shutdown because Congress could not agree on legislation for 2014 funding. Democrats and Republicans failed to compromise; their behavior lands all of Congress on the naughty list.

“When we get to the point of a fiscal cliff, it should be imperative from all members on both sides of the aisle to avoid going over that cliff, not continue to fight along that precipice.  Now is not the time to be digging in one’s heels so that it can further its own political agenda,” social studies teacher Eric Mongirdas said.

Paula Deen

A former employee accused famous Chef Paula Deen of racial slurs and discrimination earlier in her career. This is destroying her empire and costing her millions.

“It’s a shame because she had such ethos with people. Her actions behind closed doors revealed her true character,” Khaliq Sanda ’14 said.

Miley Cyrus

A bit of an obvious one. Cyrus has done enough wrecking of her reputation to jeopardize her spot on the nice list as well as her chances of ever being viewed as a role model for young girls. No amount of aggressive twerking can save her now.

“At this point, I don’t think anyone should even care about Miley Cyrus,” Marcel Massarani ’16 said.

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