Top 10 Super Bowl Foods

Top 10 Super Bowl Foods

Super Bowl Sunday is a longstanding tradition consisting of two American favorites: football and food. Super Bowl Sunday is like a giant party throughout America. Everyone gets together to watch the game with the company of friends and family. But just like every party, food is a must. In light of the approaching event, it’s time to ask the question: what will I serve at my Super Bowl party?

1. Nachos

They are an all-time favorite. They are easy to make, and I think that just about every person in the world enjoys a good nacho.

2. Sliders

For those of you who don’t know, a slider is a mini hamburger. They’re delicious and easy to serve.

3. Mini Hot Dogs

Serving pigs in a blanket at parties is an American tradition. You just have to have it on game day.

4. Seven Layer Dip

Everyone likes chips and dip. Seven layer dip is delicious and easy to eat with chips while watching the game.

5, Chicken Wings

It’s important to serve dishes that don’t require utensils. Chicken wings are easy to eat and serve as a good means of protein so that everyone has the energy to jump around on game day.

6. Guacamole

This is probably one of the only healthy snacks that will be served on game day. Let’s face it, Super Bowl Sunday isn’t health-conscious.

7. Chili

Warm, delicious, and nutritious.

8. Pizza

When in doubt, order a pizza. Pizza is inexpensive and something that everyone can enjoy.

9. Fried Chicken

This is a classic American food. It’s fried and extremely delicious.

10. Subs

An American staple. Sandwiches and sports just go together so well.