Spring Fashion Guide

Rachel Labarre, News Editor

It’s time for change – not the change in your pocket, but the change from Uggs to sandals. Spring has arrived and your heavy chunky sweaters need to switch to light weight cardigans and jean jackets. The dramatic transition from winter clothes to spring clothes is sure to have you digging deep in your closets to find all of the clothing that’s been hidden for months.

Monochromatic Outfits

Wear an outfit that’s primarly one color – like creamy white, as seen here.  This gives a very spring-like feeling, especially if it’s a light color.


The thin scarf is perfect for spring, when the weather is still not as hot as it is in summer. Scarves with floral prints or pastel colors will nicely match any spring combo.

Crochet Knit Sweaters

This is the perfect top for spring because it’s not too summery and not too wintery. Although it’s a sweater, the holes will make sure that you don’t get too hot. Like last season, oversized sweaters are still very in style, so for spring, try mixing these two styles.


Light weight cardigans are the all-time perfect way to finish your outift. It supplies a hint of warmth and a lot of style to any combination of clothing underneath.


These strappy sandals can be worn in the spring and summer, so pull them out from the depths of your closet and  from behind the boots. They’re a little fancier than flip-flops, but still school appropriate.

Jean Jackets

These casual covers are perfect to wear over your summer-esque tank top on a chilly spring day. Jean jackets can also serve to dress up an outfit for outside of school.