Staples’ Temple Run Addiction

Left turn, right turn, jump, slide, right turn, jump, left turn, crash: “I do this almost everyday,” says Griffin Haymes ’15, a self-proclaimed Temple Run addict.

Created by Imangi Studios, Temple Run has been downloaded over 36 million times on the App Store in just several months. The free and addictive game is also coming to the Android Market soon.

In Temple Run, you change direction and avoid obstacles with the swipe of your finger while chased by evil monkeys. Your score is based off of the coins you collect in the game and the distance you travel.

“It’s the best app on the App Store and the most played game on my phone,” said Zack Levin ’15, who admits to loving the game and his high score of just under three million.

“I’m addicted,” said Isabel Perry ’15, who has a high score of over four million and enjoys beating the various objectives in the game. “It’s not that I’m always playing it, but when I do, I don’t stop until I beat or get close to my high score.”

However, Haymes’ high score of 10,051,695 takes the cake. “Getting to 10 million takes about 20 minutes, so it gets a little boring at times,” said Haymes. “If you are really desperate, there are several hacks, but no one likes cheaters.”

While Perry might like a higher high score, she is thankful for one thing, “Thank goodness it’s free!”