2.5 Men, 2.0

2.5 Men, 2.0

Rose Propp, Staff Writer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months, you have probably heard something about the popular TV sitcom Two and a Half Men.

You’ve probably been living under an even bigger rock if you haven’t heard one thing about the rise and fall of the show’s star, Charlie Sheen. After a continuous struggle with drugs and alcohol, Sheen was recently dismissed from the show.

All rumors aside, after eight seasons, Two and a Half Men has captivated viewers with its witty humor and story line between the two main characters previously played by Charlie Sheen (Charlie) and John Cryer (Alan).

In the Two and a Half Men season nine premiere, it was time to say goodbye to Charlie Sheen and hello to Ashton Kutcher. Following Charlie’s funeral where we learn that his estranged girlfriend mysteriously watched him fall in front of an oncoming train, Alan is talking to Charlie’s ashes when he sees Walden Schmidt (Kutcher), drenched in water and standing on his porch. Alan is frightened by the sight of Walden and spills Charlie’s ashes all over the floor. What a great way to hello the new and say goodbye to the old (or the dead).

We later learn that Walden had attempted to drown himself in the water because his girlfriend didn’t want to be with him, quite a difference from Charlie’s sometimes inconsiderate and unemotional qualities. Alan offers to dry Walden’s clothes and take him out for a drink not to long after he discovers that Walden is a billionaire “with a ‘buh.’”

This is when I began to notice some extremely similar qualities between Walden and Charlie. Alan takes Walden to a bar and ends up taking two women home, one for each man. But when they returned home Walden takes the two girls for himself. All I could think was “CHARLIE!”

At the end of the episode, Walden buys Charlie’s beach house. This makes it seem like although the lead role has changed, the story line (and locations) probably won’t be that different.

Overall, I’d say that all of the hype surrounding the new season was worth it. Ashton Kutcher fit in perfectly with the cast and from what I’ve heard was able to captivate a good portion of the show’s original fans. I think that Walden’s story line opens up new opportunities for the show that will lead to an amazing ninth season – and hopefully many more!