Holly Jolly Playlist

Holly Jolly Playlist

To be honest, I always get a little confused when people complain about hearing too much holiday music. Lyrically, it’s no more mundane than most pop music- the only difference is that instead of songs about love or dancing, we have songs about Santa Claus.

More importantly— and far too often, more unnoticed— holiday music can be just as diverse as any type of music. Sure, there are a lot of holiday tunes that sound awfully similar, but there are always a few gems that bring something new to the table. Check out a few of these tracks this holiday season.

Forget the sleigh bells, ‘40s crooners, or delicate strings that make up your typical Christmas number.

Here comes a young Frenchman who wants to play guitar loudly and tell you (in French) how he attempted to seduce Santa’s daughter.

Yes, the wooing of Marie Noël is the subject of this ‘60s garage rock number.

In addition to its unorthodox content, the song features a primitive, simplistic, yet utterly catchy guitar riff paired to a rhythm that’s just perfect for stomping along to.

Blast it out loud— everyone’s holiday season needs a little French touch.When rock bands cover Christmas carols, they usually do it with a sarcastic, mocking tone. This is because most rock bands consider themselves too cool for Christmas. Not Weezer. Here are four upstanding young men— frontman Rivers Cuomo went to Harvard, remember?— playing a straight-faced cover of the holiday classic “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Surprisingly enough, it rocks. More importantly, it’s over in a minute and a half— other rock bands should take lessons in brevity from these guys.