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Student Athletes Work Hard On, Off Field

Student Athletes Work Hard On, Off Field

October 22, 2010

As the bell rings at 2:15 each day, many Staples students are not heading to their buses to go home, but rather in the opposite direction to the locker rooms to get ready for sports practices. These students have busy lives between school, practice every day, and then all their homework each evening, but most fac...

Gaining Independence – Students Create Independent Studies

Gaining Independence - Students Create Independent Studies

October 1, 2010

Justine Abelow ’11 created her own class. She teaches herself the material. She is taking an independent study. Abelow took Introduction to Psychology as a junior, but wanted to further her knowledge and challenge herself by taking the AP course not offered by Staples. She is doing this by pursuing...

Staples, So Not Land of the Free

Staples, So Not Land of the Free

October 1, 2010

Farrel  Levenson '11 Features Editor Freshman year, it was period two and then period three. Sophomore and junior year, it was period seven. Each year, it was an opportunity for a food run, a study sesh, or even a quick nap. And I got used to it. Thanks to these free periods, I have, in my three ye...

A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

September 28, 2010

Cheyenne Haslett'13 Web Features Editor Nevona Friedman ’12 can be found navigating the halls of Staples High School like any other student, and you might never know that behind the large square glasses and edgy hair cut, sits the brain deserving the credit for, one of t...

A Guide to Freshman Year

September 14, 2010

Jordon Shenhar '13 Web Features Editor For most of us, today marks a return to the mundane routines of our everyday school lives. But for this year’s incoming class of freshmen, today is a new beginning. Almost everyone remembers dreading the first day of freshman year. Not only are freshmen goi...

Procrastination Probing

June 16, 2010

Finals week is supposed to be a time of intensive studying and commitment to mastering massive amounts of material. For me, it’s generally that (depending upon the night), but it’s also many other pointless, self-destructive, time wasting, and somewhat obsessively repulsive things. I have ...

Jock Talk: The Last Lap

Photo from Staples Soccer Blog

June 11, 2010

Jack Hennessy '10 Staff Writer I’ve now played three sports for 12 seasons under nine coaches, and I can’t imagine spending my high school years any other way. My life has revolved around tryouts, practices, and games more so than even papers, quizzes, and tests. I lost more sleep the nights be...

Players to Perform ‘Rent’ This Summer

Players to Perform 'Rent' This Summer

May 28, 2010

Sammie Hardy '11 Web Opinions Editor The Broadway musical and 2004 screenplay is about to hit the Staples stage this upcoming summer. This July, the Staples Players are taking on “Rent” under the direction of David Roth and his wife Kerry. Since the beginning of April, the play has been unde...

AP Classes Flawed and Taken for College Acceptance

Graphic by Connie Zhou '12

May 28, 2010

Jon Loeb '11 Staff Writer I walk into my AP classroom, and bagels and donuts are being distributed and eaten. My classmates have let it all out and are enjoying themselves. There’s no rigorous work to be completed, no PowerPoints to memorize, and no tests to stress over. Instead, we ar...

Distant Relationships in the Not-So-Distant Future

Graphic by Jillian Pecoriello '12

May 28, 2010

Stevie Klein '12 News Editor Graduation from high school is bittersweet for many seniors. They are excited about starting a new chapter in their lives, experiencing a new environment, and meeting new people. However, they are also sad to leave behind old friends, their family, and for many, their gir...

Toquet Holds Annual Student Art Contest

May 28, 2010

Emily Goldbery '12 Web News Editor Staples’ many talented art students have a chance to display their work and win prizes as well as the student art contest Toquet Hall will be holding May 17-31. The contest follows Toquet’s mission to provide a way for teens to share their creativity. Toquet ...

LMC Gamespot: Where Robot Unicorns Live

LMC Gamespot: Where Robot Unicorns Live

May 28, 2010

A student rushes to the library, worried that his Chemistry PowerPoint didn’t post to his Y-Drive. To his dismay, every computer is taken – not only by hardworking students, but also by online gamers. A May 3 Inklings poll of 112 random Staples students showed that 33 percent play computer ...

May 14 Just Doesn’t Feel Right

May 14, 2010

Lila Epstein '10 Staff Writer I always imagined the last days of senior year to be warm, lazy and nostalgic.  I imagined we would spend the days relaxing because of the eased work load and reminiscing about all the great times of our four years at staples. However, this last week has been busy w...

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