Staples, So Not Land of the Free

Staples, So Not Land of the Free

Farrel  Levenson ’11
Features Editor

Graphic by Tim Yang '11

Freshman year, it was period two and then period three. Sophomore and junior year, it was period seven. Each year, it was an opportunity for a food run, a study sesh, or even a quick nap.

And I got used to it.

Thanks to these free periods, I have, in my three years at Staples, passed calculus, not starved from third lab lunch, and gotten my homework done in a timely fashion.

And now I have none. My free has been replaced with another academic class.

My guidance counselor gave me a wary look during preregistration last year when we realized I’d only have a half-year free. I shrugged. I thought it wouldn’t be too problematic and would serve as a challenge that with hard work, I could overcome.

Yeah, right.

Try to imagine what its like to hearing a bunch of fellow seniors gleefully exclaim how nice and relaxed their days are. With their sleeping in from their early morning frees, and their extra study time from their extended morning frees, and their free lunches, and their last period frees (for some upperclassmen: pick two!).

Two periods a day of freedom is something I can’t even begin to imagine.

Regardless, I believe that everyone at Staples should be required to have a free. Free periods break up your day, and keep you from feeling like school is an endless streak of test–quiz–project–go–home–do–homework–rinse–and–repeat.

Plus, it keeps those who enjoy their sleep from having to go in early for extra help, and in-school athletes from missing practice after school for teacher meetings.

And since Facebook is blocked at school, it is even possible to focus in the library. And get actual work done. Not that I’ve set foot in the “Library Media Commons” all year during school hours (when would I have had time?).

To some, it may sound as if I’m overreacting or exaggerating the benefits of a free. These people definitely have never been in my situation before.

I swear, I’m not.

At this rate I’m dropping all my classes and just taking frees and culinary (dream class anyone?).

Or I’ll just continue going from class to class every day, with no break and no in-school extra help. No extra time to even print out a report, or catch up with an old teacher. Or buy gum from the Shop.

Only 117 days until I can enjoy beloved, vital in-school freedom again.