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Unconventional superlatives engage senior class

The Staples senior class reminisce with these nontraditional superlatives

Bri Zeiberg ’19

April 2, 2019

It has become a tradition for most high school yearbooks to have a section of superlatives that highlight a variety of students in the 12th grade. Traditional superlatives consist of most likely to succeed or best eyes or hair, but this year Staples put a twist on their superlative selection. The...

Cold temperatures defrosted by favorite coats

Cold temperatures defrosted by favorite coats

Aileen Coyne, Staff Writer

January 23, 2015

As temperatures drop it gets to the point where it’s crucial to dress for warmth instead of just focusing on fashion. Coats come into play and are a necessary addition to every outfit. With hundreds of different coat styles here are the coat superlatives. Easiest to bring to school Students pu...

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