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Snow generates mixed reactions

Ben Foster, Assistant Business Manager

December 15, 2015

With each and every snow flake comes a different shape that is beautiful in it's own separate way. And with different snowflakes come different snow related activities, whether it’s sledding or shoveling your old grandmother’s pathway so she doesn’t slip and fall. For Harry Garber ’16, it’s about ...

Let’s take a break from the breaks

Let's take a break from the breaks

Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

January 15, 2015

Please don’t get me wrong, I like days off from school. Scratch that. I LOVE days off from school. This year in particular, we have the longest possible December break, a February break, and an April break. Let's also take into account snow days that could happen at any time and the long weekend...

Snowy Days Bring Wishful Prays

Snowy Days Bring Wishful Prays

December 20, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Julia Sharkey '13 Staff Writer Rumor had it the first real snow was supposed to fall on Dec. 16, which gave students hope for a possible snow day. Students hoped to wake up to the shrill sound of the telephone ringing, and the message of the school cancellation on the line. Tie...

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