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The new redistricting plan creates difficulties for middle school students

The new redistricting plan creates difficulties for middle school students
October 14, 2019

Recently with the new redistricting plan to rebuild Coleytown Middle School, the district has come to the decision that there needs to be more enrollment in the Coleytown schools. As a result, the elementary...

Board of Education examines redistricting for elementary, middle schools

Due to the construct on Coleytown Middle School due to the mold, the BoE has considered redistricting areas to help balance the amount of students at the schools as Westport’s enrollment is declining.
October 8, 2019

The Westport Board of Education (BOE) discussed plans to redistrict the elementary and middle schools at a meeting on Sept. 23. Although redistricting would balance out the recent decrease in enrollment...

Board of Education discusses Coleytown Middle School proposals, improvements

Board of Education Vice Chair Jeannie Smith voices her sentiments to BoE members about the proposals of creating a new purpose for Coleytown Middle School.
April 3, 2019

The Board of Education (BoE) met to discuss improvements for Coleytown Middle School and propose possible redistricting for the Westport school system on Monday, April 1. The Board of Education’s...

Governor Lamont proposes school redistricting bill

Governor Ned Lamont (pictured) discussing and easing concerns about his school redistricting proposal in a meeting with the First Selectmen throughout Connecticut.
March 7, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont proposed a public school regionalization plan as a way of closing Connecticut’s growing $3.7 billion deficit. Lamont announced the plan during his State Budget proposal to a joint...

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