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Media negatively affects popularity meaning

The concept of the word popularity has completely changed for the worse, causing pessimistic feelings to develop among high school students.

Brooke Dembin '22, Assistant Business Director

March 14, 2020

Self-centered, egotistical, judgemental drama queens are often associated with the word “popular.” Let’s be real; does the genius who wears braces and glasses come across as popular to you? I didn’t think so. The word “popular” has gone from being a positive trait to a negative one all due...

Popular colleges are not the only option

Popular colleges are not the only option

Michael Mathis, Web Opinions Editor

March 9, 2015

By junior year, most of us have established our personalities: the kid who does track year-round, the “Artist’s Club” Vice President, the “Barbeque Club” official disc jockey. We have settled into our interests. We are ready to take the next step in doing whatever it takes to accomplish that...

Popularity of Junior Job Shadow Program Is On The Rise

May 23, 2010

To many high school students who spend time stressing and focusing on raising GPAs and SAT scores, the idea of pursuing a specific profession that induces their actual interest seems an amazing but distant dream. The Junior Job Shadow program allows students to shadow an adult in any profession...

Vinyl is Back: Records Rise in Popularity, Staples Students On Board

A display of the many records Sally’s Place offers to audiophiles. Located in downtown Westport, Sally’s Place caters to a wide variety of different genres of music. Sales for vinyl records have increased in recent years. | Photo By Melanie Mignucci '12

February 24, 2010

Melanie Mignucci '12 Video Editor Vinyl records, the dinosaur of the music industry, may instead be the next big thing—again. Records have enjoyed a substantial jump in sales in recent years. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), 2.9 million units were shipped ...

A New DiRECtion: REC Basketball Makes A Fast Break To Popularity

January 29, 2010

Ian Philips '10 A&E Editor Every Monday morning, Charlie Reach ’10 wakes up with only one question on his mind: “Is it Thursday yet?” This is the same question asked by many Staples students who participate in Recreational Basketball. In fact, the Westport Basketball Association has basketbal...

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