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Izzy Ullmann
This may be Opinions Editor Izzy Ullman ’17’s first year on the Inklings staff, but she certainly has ample experience with journalism. Ullman,  who rightfully describes herself as “driven,” attended not one, but two journalism camps over the summer to prep for this year: a design-focused workshop at Columbia University and a program centered on investigative journalism at Boston University.

After all, she’s had her eye on Inklings for a while now, taking the Intro to Journalism course her first year at Staples and scoring an editor position before even enrolling in the Advanced Journalism class.

“It was my first priority to be a part of Inklings,” she said.

Writing for her high school newspaper is only the beginning of Ullmann’s plan for her future. She hopes to write for a health and wellness magazine after college, a fitting profession considering her extracurriculars.

Ullmann is not only a member of the girl’s lacrosse team, but also a part of the organization Reshaping Reality, a non-profit founded by recent Staples graduate Dustyn Levenson ’14 that promotes healthy body image in teenage girls.

As a member of Reshaping Reality, Ullmann planned to help change the lives of other girls, but found the advice she was sharing changed her own life as well. She started to feel better about her health after eating well and exercising more, and attributes the club to her healthy mindset.

Ullmann’s drive and experience are sure to be a useful asset to the newspaper this year, and she’s looking forward to her first year on the staff.

“I want to get fully involved this year,” she said.


Izzy Ullmann, Opinions Editor

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Izzy Ullmann