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[November 2017] Team spirit unites players as they head into postseason

November 26, 2017

Camryn Ragland ’18 At the end of the last football practice before the homecoming game, AJ Konstanty ’20 was putting his cleats in his bag and taking off his helmet when the captains told the team that they had to shave their heads into mohawks over the weekend. That Saturday, Konstanty went to...

[November 2017] Family, regional ties foster fan loyalty

November 26, 2017

Jack Caldwell '18 James Dolan. Woody Johnson. Fred Wilpon. These are a few of the many bad local sports team owners who run dysfunctional organizations such as the New York Knicks, Jets and Mets. However, despite these teams’ woes, some say that they’ve never been more popular. According...

[November 2017] Megan Laney cultures students, adults by sharing Syrian study abroad experiences

November 26, 2017

Daniel Harizman ’19 The initial signs of danger came in the form of protests and political demonstrations, as citizens revolted against decades of regime rule in Muslim-dominated countries. As the Arab spring advanced into the northern sectors of the Middle East, developed cities were decimated,...

[November 2017] Westport families employ individualized Thanksgiving customs

November 26, 2017

Ava Simunovic ’20 and Julia Lombardo ’20 Thanksgiving celebrations are just around the corner. This historical holiday welcomes forced conversations and inevitable hugs and kisses from that uncle that never washes his clothes. It’s a time when many pay thanks to the loved ones around them and...

[November 2017] Support staff implements ‘Zen Den,’ fostering mindfulness

November 26, 2017

Ben Pearl ’18 Feeling stressed? Swamped with work? Need a quick break from the non-stop grind of school? Enter the Zen Den. In the past, if students wanted to escape the dread of their school work, they might opt for a visit to the cafeteria, the library or the crevices in the stairwells. However,...

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