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How to Drive in the Snow

Make sure to be careful on the snowy roads during this time of year | Image from

January 19, 2010

Lexi Preiser '10 Web Editor-in-Chief Driving under normal conditions can be perilous. Add unplowed roads, black ice, and inexperienced drivers to the mix and you have yourself a car accident waiting to happen. There have been two instances this year, the mornings of Dec. 9 and Jan. 8, in which driving co...

Let’s Hear it For New York

Let’s Hear it For New York

January 19, 2010

Carlie Schwaeber '12 Web News Editor “Now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York.” - Jay-Z As a teenager, I am going through a crazy phase where I always want to be somewhere exciting.  I am a very fortunat...


Click on the picture and test yourself on countries of the world

January 17, 2010

Dana Rappaport '11 Web Opinions Editor Hi, my name is Dana, and I am a Sporcleholic. Two months ago, my daily fixation only consisted of a “New York Times” crossword puzzle, alongside a “USA Today” “Up & Down Words” and “Quick Cross.” All puzzles were satisfying and highly en...

A Long Wait in a Small Airport

Graphic by Dana Rappaport '11

January 10, 2010

Emily Goldberg '12 Web Sports Editor Over December break I racked up about 27 hours in the air during my trip to Argentina. With 5 flights throughout the country, I was pretty much guaranteed one of the following scenarios: a delay for hours on end, a cancellation, we would miss a flight, or mak...

Conservatives: The Social Outcasts

Graphic courtesy of

January 8, 2010

Why does it seem like every time I enter a political conversation, I’m talking to a liberal who’s constantly rolling their eyes at my conservative views? But when I finally come across that rare opportunity when I discover another conservative, I’m like a 5-year-old in a candy shop. “You think that? I do too!” “No way! And about that law? I think...

Disney’s Good-Girl by Day, Scandalous Teen By Night

Dressed in little to no clothing, Miley preforms at one of her concerts

January 7, 2010

Stevie Klein '12 Web Features Editor   I was walking down Main Street in a very good mood last week, but the smile was wiped off my face as soon as I passed the sweetest looking girl wearing a Hannah Montana shirt. I looked the other way until the girl was behind me, desperately trying to hold my White Moch...

Inklinations: What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Inklinations: What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

January 5, 2010

By Devin Skolnick '11 Web Features Editor   ...

10 Resolutions I Don’t Intend on Keeping for 2010

10 Resolutions I Don’t Intend on Keeping for 2010

January 3, 2010

Annie Nelson ’11 Features Editor  Okay, so I know how completely paradoxical that title sounds, but let’s be honest: the likelihood I will comply with all, if any, of the following are slim to none. Perhaps my defeatist New Year’s attitude comes from years of failed resolutions, or maybe my brain has been hijacked by the lazy and chill version of my other...

Raising the Age: Juvenile Justice Reform A Positive Step Toward Equal Opportunities for All Youths

Photo by Haris Durrani '11

December 22, 2009

Inklings Editorial Up until 2010, any 16– or 17–year–old who commits a crime in Connecticut will be considered a “youthful offender,” often an adult in the eyes of the law. By Jan. 1, however, the state plans to consider 16–year–olds  as juveniles, therefore able to be tried in ...

Going to the Dogs: The Irrationality of Dog Clothing

December 22, 2009

Emily Cooper Business Manager Let me get this out there immediately. I am actually a big fan of dogs and am positive that they make great pets. But in writing this column I am merely trying to expose a very strange aspect of human–dog relations. In addition, I am a big fan of Ralph Lauren. ...

How Monty Python Influenced the Comedy World

Graphic by Jake Baron '13

December 22, 2009

John Watson '12 Staff Writer It has been roughly 35 years since the British comedy group “Monty Python” stopped producing work.  Over the years we have been presented with many copycats and renditions trying to follow in their surreal footprints. To put it simply, all have crashed, burned, and are...

I Watch Soap Operas, And You Should Too

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

December 22, 2009

Eliza Hamburger '10 Opinions Editor I have a confession to make: I watch daytime television. Actually, if you even remotely know me, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you; I certainly talk about it enough. My poor friends can attest to that, as I am constantly jabbering into their non–willing ears ...

Break the Divide, Fast

Break the Divide, Fast

December 22, 2009

“One serving of grain, a serving of milk (or similar dairy product), and a piece of fresh fruit.” This is how Johns Hopkins School of Public Health describes a balanced breakfast. Unfortunately, for the American youth who stick a single pop tart in the toaster and call it “breakfast,” or the 16 percent o...

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