Lorde excites fans with new single after two years of silence

By Cate Casparius ’19

Eager Lorde fans have been patiently waiting for the 20 year old singer-songwriter Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, or better known as, Lorde, to release a new album, or at least a singular song. It’s been over two years since her last release, however, on Thursday, March 2, she fulfilled her fans requests. Lorde’s new single is called “Green Light” and along with the new song she also released a video.

Announcing the new release, Lorde posted a photo to her Instagram account for her 4.7 million followers to view, with the caption, “‘Green Light’ is officially out in the world, and I am so pleased to share with you that this song is the first from my sophomore record, ‘Melodrama.’ this is the cover, painted by Sam Mckinniss. welcome to the new world.”

A big fan of Lorde’s, Julianna Raho ’19, said she was just talking to her dad the other day wishing Lorde would come out with more music sometime soon and then all of a sudden her wish came true.

The song is referring to a post breakup where Lorde is expressing her anger towards an ex-boyfriend. She calls him a liar and threatens him with the lyrics, “I know about what you did, and I wanna scream the truth.” Elite Daily even referred to the single as, “The perfect breakup anthem.”

Jamie Santarella ’17 agreed with Elite Daily that “Green Light” definitely is a perfect breakup song. “I think my favorite part about Green Light is the lyrics like any of Lorde’s songs. I find them very relatable – usually more than other artists’ lyrics.”

While some breakup songs are sad or not as upbeat as others, Lorde tweeted that Green Light is complex and funny. Raho immediately picked up on that and said how she likes how Lorde evoked a different emotion in “Green Light” then other songs about exes.

Maddie Jones ’17 commented that she didn’t even realize the single was a breakup song but more of a song about taking back self control and having optimism. She also added that she is a fan of Lorde’s because Lorde is “candid” about fame and seems to be a very down to earth human,a great role model.

“I think it has a really cool beat and it’s not sad and depressing. It’s really upbeat and the lyrics are interesting and funny,” said Raho.   

Santarella agreed that the dance pop feel of the song gives it energy and a better vibe than most breakup songs that normally hit the radar.

Lorde’s song even caught the eyes of people who don’t consider themselves big fans. Ollie Lindebaum ’19 commented on his opinion on Lorde and the single.

“I kind of forgot about [Lorde] until I heard this new song play on the radio the other day.  I don’t know, [“Green Light] is different than her other songs. It’s catchy, and normally I’m not really a Lorde fan but I like this song by her,” said Lindenbaum.

Green Light left a positive mark on fans and now they are awaiting the release of the rest of her album to come that will be called, ‘Melodrama.’

“I am extremely excited for Lorde’s new album and I’m anticipating a lot more tracks like “Green Light,” said Jones.

“Plus, she just hasn’t been on the scene for years so it’s just really exciting to have her back,” said Santarella.