Say “Hello” to “Hello Dolly!”


Jennifer Lupoff , Staff Writer

On November 14 at 7:30 pm, Staples Players performed the opening night of “Hello Dolly,” their first production of the 2014-2015 school year. A musical comedy that takes place at the turn of the twentieth century, the show tells the story of Mrs. Dolly Levi’s efforts to marry the well known half -millionaire, Horace Vandergelder.

According to Zoe Samuels’17, a member of the ensemble, “All of the dances are really spectacular to watch.”

Much of the dancing is performed in large group numbers, which Everett Sussman’15, who plays the role of Horace Vandergelder, calls “classic Broadway spectacles that warm the heart of every viewer, young or old.”

A particular favorite group scene amongst the cast seems to be “The Waiter’s Gallop” which is performed in the second act. According to Emma Ruchefsky’15, who plays the role of Irene Molloy, the scene is “a huge dance number with all guys and they’re all incredibly talented.”

Noah Pines’16, a member of the ensemble, agrees. “The scene is a complicated, multi-sectioned dance [where] bread rolls are flying [and] people are spinning,” Pines said.

According to Ruchefsky, the dancers in this scene will even be performing some acrobatics, which she thinks “the audience will really enjoy!”

Indeed the audience seemed to enjoy the show as a whole, and similar to the cast members, took a particular liking to the complex Waiter’s Gallop.

Abby Jonas’19, who thought the choreography was incredible, loved “the way that they could set up a table while dancing- that was so cool.”

Halley Jonas’16 was also impressed by the scene.

“I’ve known most of these guys for a long time and most of them are extremely uncoordinated, so I was kind of astounded that it went off without a hitch,” Jonas joked.