Java coffeehouse has students a-buzz

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Java coffeehouse has students a-buzz

Jen Gouchoe, Staff Writer

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When you walk into Java, you’re greeted by the butter yellow walls and barn red wood paneling decorated with large black and white photographs and unique decor.

Small, round tables with light blue metal chairs take up the majority of the cafe, and a panel of french doors shows the view of the lively downtown Westport.

Java is unlike any other coffee place in town; it may be busy, but not in the loud, parents-rushing-to-work way that many people experience at Starbucks.

“I really dug the atmosphere,” said Justin Cheng ’16.

Quirky decorations and an all-natural menu give it “a warm, friendly quality,” said Emily Olrik ’16.

I was a little nervous after being pressured by the server into ordering the Bowl of Soul: two shots of espresso with Mexican hot chocolate and a dollop of whipped cream.

However, my first sip was sweet from the chocolate with a bitter and spicy aftertaste. The blue ceramic mug looked as if it had come from someone’s kitchen cabinet, making my coffee-drinking experience even more close to home.

Although the orange-walnut scone lacked the typical triangular scone shape, the first bite was fresh and buttery, with a sweet and zesty stickiness accompanying the walnuts. The menu includes coffee and tea, homemade granola, salads and sandwiches.

Todd Rippo, the owner of five other Java coffee houses in Idaho, decided to bring Java to Westport after a customer who lives in town suggested it. He really wanted to emphasize that, although Java is meant for the high school age group, it’s “geared towards everybody” and there’s “no certain demographic.”

“A lot of Staples students love to get food after school with their friends, so it’s definitely a hot spot for kids at Staples,” said Izzy Ullman ’17.

Java’s slogan, “Wake up and live” describes the coffee house perfectly; you come here, wake up with a boost of caffeine in this lively, homey environment with the bustling life of downtown Westport right outside your window.