Hark the holidays with classic must-sees


There is almost nothing better than curling up on a couch with a warm mug of hot chocolate, and turning on the TV to see Snoopy decorating his doghouse with brightly colored lights, or the Grinch’s familiar smirk as he sneaks through Whoville. These festive movies start playing on TV at least a month (or more) before Christmas, until holiday spirit is simply pouring out of every channel on our glowing screens and flooding our homes with excitement. There are so many amazing holiday movies to choose from, but here a just few must-see holiday specials:

 A Year Without Santa Claus – 1974

This charming claymation is a classic holiday film about a year when Santa Claus almost quit on Christmas. The adventure begins when two of Santa’s elves, Jingle and Jangle, embark on their quest to find people who still believe in Santa. Warning: the viewing of this movie may result in excessive, involuntary singing of a certain song that contains the lyric, “He’s mister white Christmas, he’s mister snow, he’s mister icicle, he’s mister ten below.”

The Polar Express – 2004

I remember seeing this movie in theatres back in 2004, gripping my bag of Twizzlers, in awe of the vibrant holiday spirit and the thrilling screeches of the train as it darts down the tracks. I am pretty sure I have watched it at least once a year every year since then. This movie never ceases to bring intense holiday excitement, and it also never ceases to make me want some of that hot chocolate they are always drinking on the train.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – 1996

Watching this movie is like peeking into the mind of the great Dr. Seuss himself, with almost all of its lines said in the familiar rhyme and rhythm Seuss-speak, and the same swirly line drawings that filled the pages of his books are translated into vibrant moving pictures on our screens (I’m sorry but the live people version is creepy, no offence Jim Carrey).

Miracle on 34th Street – 1947

This movie is the definition of the word classic. It starts out with the excitement of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, massive cartoon characters in plump balloon form looming over New York City, miles of sidewalks crammed with people, and one jolly Santa Claus waving at the crowds from his sleigh. This wonderful story revolves around Kris Kringle (the real Santa), as he tries to prove to the skeptics the truth about his Santa Claus status.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – 1964

The holidays are simply not complete without Charlie Brown grumbling about the commercialization of Christmas, Snoopy lounging on the roof of his decorated dog house, and the rich sound of a piano playing the classic “Linus and Lucy” theme song. I may or may not be listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album right now.

Whether it’s your first time seeing one of these holiday classics or your one hundredth time (I’m probably in that second category), they will undoubtedly put you in a festive holiday mood. So go find the nearest hot chocolate facility, curl up in front of the closest TV, and enjoy.

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