Wreckers In Tune Teams up with Tri-M for End of Year Concert


Photo taken by Luke Foreman

Jake Landau '13 plays on the piano for the concert

Luke Foreman, Web Features Editor

With the school year winding down, Wreckers in Tune teamed up with the musical club, Tri-M, in one last performance that capped off a productive year for both clubs and supported the Staples community in more ways than one. All profits from the performance went to KEYS Music, an organization based in Bridgeport that helps inner-city students gain self-confidence by teaching them how to play an instrument.

“Although we didn’t have our biggest audience, the performance was just as important as all others because of the money we donated to KEYS,” said Nick Vega, president of Wreckers in Tune.

One of the concert’s featured performers was sophomore Julia Greene, who sang ‘Sunday Morning,’ by Maroon 5.

“The performances have become more personal because of the smaller audiences, which makes it a great opportunity for members to show off their talents, and have fun doing it,” said Greene. “It was so much fun performing with Tri-M, and the performance summed up a great year for Wreckers in Tune.”

As an emcee, sophomore Nick Massoud agreed with Greene about the performances.

“It was great to see the culmination of a years worth of playing and learning songs as well as see the other music charity group, Tri-M, perform.”