Guys and Fashion: The Top 5 Trends For Spring

Senior boys dress up in their colorful shorts

Guys, when getting dressed in the morning it’s important to keep in mind that people actually look at what you’re wearing.

“I like when guys care about what they wear,” says Julia Kaner ‘13.

People notice when you wear the same Michigan sweatshirt four days in a row; change up your style to impress that special someone. Noah Robbins ‘15 dresses nicely purely because his “significant other tells him to.”

1: Hawaiian Shirts: 

These shirts are perfect for warm weather.  You know something is in style when you can catch the whole Staples baseball team wearing them.  For extra style and breeziness, no undershirt is needed.  When wearing a Hawaiian shirt the key is to make sure its clear that you aren’t all too serious about your shirt.  No one actually wears a Hawaiian shirt because it looks cool, they are going for a few laughs. These shirts can be found almost anywhere these days but if you are looking for the funniest or most unique, check out Goodwill or thrift shops.

Tip: Be adventurous, change-up your button combinations.

2: Colorful Shorts:

From Chubbies to J. Crew pastel shorts are definitely in style.

“They add some color to an otherwise boring outfit, and they look cool,” says Tim LaHiff ‘14, who can often be spotted in his favorite salmon colored shorts.

Many people are basing their color choice in a very broad way.

“I like blue shorts because they match the sky,’ says Doug Steffen ‘15.

Tip: Show your sassy side and choose a color that reflects your personality.

3: Sperry’s:

Plain tan Sperry’s are slowly drifting out of style with colored Sperry’s making a splash with blues and reds being the fan favorites.

“They’re light, comfortable, nautical and preppy,” says Ben Bjornson ‘14. “They go better when dressing up for sports then other shoes.”

Tip: Be a real sailor by matching your shoes to another part of your outfit.

4: Tank Tops:

Tank tops will blow everyone away as you show off your manly side.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from stripes to cats, you can’t go wrong.

“Tank tops are awesome because I can show off my biceps, and I don’t get a farmer’s tan,”  says Devon Lowman ‘13.

Tip: Buy them a size small to show off all those hours in the gym.

5: Accessorizing:

No outfit is complete without a few nice add-ons.  From head to toe accessories add some pizazz to your outfit.  Shine bright like a diamond with a nice pair of sunglasses, and when not rocking boat shoes, kick everyone to the curb with a cool pair of socks and Teva’s.

“Everyday is a Teva’s with socks days.  They are comfortable, fashionable and water-resistant,” says Zack Pensak ‘13. When asked what kind of socks Kaner said she would be “down for tie-dye.”

Tip: Be original, accessories can turn a good outfit into a great one.