Movie Review: Footloose

Rachel LaBarre

Footloose is not your typical movie musical revival. Unlike Hairspray (the version with Zac Efron, of course) or Bye Bye Birdie, this movie has no scenes where the leading male actor starts confessing his love in song to the leading female actress or somehow an entire room knows the same exact choreography to a song.

Watching Footloose felt like watching any other romantic, dramatic, comedic, action packed movie, just with some great dancing added and songs from the musical playing in the background. Surprisingly only four songs were from the original soundtrack, “Footloose,” “Almost Paradise,” “Let’s Here it For The Boy,” and “Holding Out For a Hero.”

 Being a dancer myself, I loved the intricate and complicated choreography of the movie and admired the skills of the actors and actresses. But, you don’t have to have any appreciation for music or dance to absolutely love this movie. The romantic plot is entrancing and the movie captures many thought – provoking topics.

Within this movie, there was a look at abusive relationships, peer pressure, breaking the law, teenage drinking and drug use, fights, and the influence of parents on their kids. These are some really relevant issues that have been problems for teens for decades, yet they were presented in an entertaining way.

Personally, I thought that the violent fighting was a little too much. All of the sudden people were just throwing punches at each other and getting bloody noses. I didn’t think it added anything to the movie and could’ve been avoided.

However, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t impressed with the skills of the actors, especially during these fights. Julianne Hough (who played Ariel Moore) and Kenny Wormald (who played Ren MacCormak) are extremely talented. Even the supporting actors and actresses, Miles Teller (Willard) and Ziah Colon (Rusty) were extremely fun to watch.

If you’ve never seen or heard about the famous Footloose (a musical in 1998 which was based off of the movie in 1984) the plot is pretty easy to understand. Basically, three years ago in the town of Bomont, Georgia, five teenagers died while driving away from a party that involved dancing, drinking, and smoking. Because of this accident, laws were passed that banned the playing of loud music, dancing in public, and a law that set a curfew of 11pm on weekends.

Naturally, the teenagers of Bomont were rebellious and didn’t always adhere to these laws, but when Ren MacCormack, a teenager from Boston, moved into town, he was determined to have the laws changed. He couldn’t believe that he wasn’t allowed to dance whenever he wanted or stay out late like he could in Boston.

With some romance brewing between Ariel and Ren, and between Rusty (Ariel’s best friend) and Willard (who becomes Ren’s best friend), this movie is sure to keep you interested and wanting more.

The first weekend it was released, Footloose made a gross product of $15.5 million. With the elaborate dancing, fun music, great acting, and interesting plot line, I’m sure it has more money coming its way.