The New HOT Chunky Sweaters

The New HOT Chunky Sweaters

Nick Weiner is wearing his funky sweater. | Photo by Kelsey Shockey '14

There is something old that is becoming very new again at Staples High School—the chunky sweater.

A chunky sweater is a big, burly, warm, and sometimes colorful sweater.

“This puffy sweater is warm and comfortable,” said Nick Weiner ‘14. “But I have to say, it is very stylish and it looks great on me.”

These heavy sweaters are as thick as fur and can come in many sizes. These sweaters can be passed down through many generations and can come in every color of the rainbow. They can also make anyone’s winter or fall day warm and cozy.

If looking for the newest trend, there are many stores in Westport that sell these pullovers. Start looking now, because they will make a great gift for any holiday.

“The sweaters are very warm and I think that more people will start to wear them,” said Matt Walton ’14. “It is even great for the holiday spirit. It is better than buying a regular sweater because they last longer. In my opinion, my favorite color chunky sweater is brown.”

To make your very own sweater, students can go to Westport Yarns.

Matt Walton iin his earthy-colored pullover. Photo by Kelsey Shockey'14

“We are open seven days a week, and people come in especially on Sundays to make big sweaters,” said Westport Yarns salesperson.”We have private and group classes and there are many types of yarns to choose from. Since it is wooly, we use alpaca, tweed, cashmere, and magnum yarn. People come into the store all the time with huge fluffy coats.”

If you want to become a fashionista this winter, wear or make a chunky sweater.