“Little Brother” Review

076531985302lzzzzzzzHaris Durrani ’11
News Editor

Cory Doctorow’s most recent, “New York Times” Bestselling young adult science fiction novel, “Little Brother,” sets itself in a dystopian San Francisco just another step into the future.

Doctorow emphasizes technology’s ability to help us achieve our goals, and in “Little Brother,” achieve our individual rights.

Marcus Yallow, or M1k3y in the online world, is a high school Senior living under the “1984”-esque rule in San Francisco after a major terrorist attack on the city. But unlike others, he vows to fight this new Big Brother in order to take back his true American freedom. Hence the title “Little Brother”-the underdog who sticks it to the man.

The author takes the reader on wild, funny, and fast-paced ride through our world’s emerging technology and how to use it to our advantage instead of fearing its dangers.