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Seasonal changes create divide in how students hang out

 Pictured Molly Liles ’22, Cailen Geller ’22 and Romy Nusbalm ’22. During the summertime, hanging out with friends was easy to do outside and socially distant. As the weather gets cooler, it will be harder to hang out in the same ways.

Theresa Vandis '22, Business Manager

October 21, 2020

During the summer, many people were able to hang out with their friends doing activities that maintained the COVID-19 guidelines by staying outdoors. As the weather gets colder, Staples students are split on whether going inside their friend’s houses is safe or not.  Some students think that going inside is saf...

How to be creative during quarantine

Playing with your dogs is one of many ways to stay busy at home.

Evi Tarshis and Kylie Cohen, Staff Writers

May 18, 2020

Walkers at Compo Beach ignore social distancing rules

Some walkers at Compo Beach are not moving over to keep six ft apart, and instead forcing others into the street to keep that distance.

Samantha Felner '22 and Betti Kobak '22

April 15, 2020

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