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Midnight Run gives back during holiday season

The Conservative Synagogue of Westport makes efforts to give back during the holiday season

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Staff writer

December 17, 2018

A typical night out in New York City could be dinner at an exclusive restaurant, a Broadway show or shopping in SoHo. However, for the handful of Staples volunteers participating in the annual “Midnight Run,” their night in New York was spent giving back. The Conservative Synagogue of Westport hosts...

Major corporations aid those impacted by Hurricane Irma

Designed by Jordi Katz ’20

September 20, 2017

By Kaela Dockray '20 In a time where the lives and homes of millions have been threatened by the wrath of Mother Nature, a wave of kindness from corporate America has flooded our borders. As a result of the unimaginable destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, a natural disaster that may prove to be...

Providing power through pencils

Providing power through pencils

Olivia Foster, Staff Writer

February 26, 2016

A pencil may not seem like much more than a writing tool, but for many kids in developing countries, such as Latin America and Asia, a pencil is a source of potential, possibility and opportunity. Since its founding in 2008 by Adam Braun, the non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization Pencils of Promise has built 33...

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