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SBAC: A new kind of Test

SBAC: A new kind of Test

Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

May 26, 2015

As I walked into the language lab for SBAC this morning, my expectation was for it to be an easy and short standardized test. What I found was a lengthy and challenging assessment unlike the review we had done in classes. Prior to SBAC, I thought that teachers did a solid job of preparing us for th...

Proposed budget for 2015-16 school debated by BOE and Landon

Anders Hovstadius and Becca Rawiszer, Staff Writers

March 10, 2015

During the February Board of Education meeting, a budget increase was proposed by Superintendent Elliott Landon. The majority of the budget increase goes into two categories: literacy coaches and school security. Literacy coaches are professionals who work directly with teachers in their professional...

BOE discusses 2025 initiative

BOE discusses 2025 initiative

Jordan Shenhar, Staff Writer

May 22, 2013

The BOE convened on Monday, May 20 to discuss the Westport 2025 initiative and the district’s goals for the upcoming year. The meeting’s primary focus was a presentation by Director of Secondary Education Lisbeth Comm, Director of Human Resources Marge Cion and co-founder of the Teacher’s College of...

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