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Love At First Lomo: The Joy of Analog Photography

Alex Zuckerman, Staff Writer

April 3, 2012

Stop! Before reading, here are some key terms, courtesy of the author himself, that might be helpful when it comes to understanding this article. Megapixel: one million pixels, used as a measure of resolution in digital cameras Sensor: the device in a digital camera that measures the light enterin...

Westport PTA Sponsors Forum Regarding Senate Bill 24

Cheyenne Haslett, Web News Editor

April 3, 2012

On Mon., April 2, the Westport PTA Council sponsored a forum in which a panel was set up at Town Hall to answer questions about Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposed Senate Bill 24, “An Act Concerning Educational Competitiveness.” On the forum and poised to field questions about S.B. 24 were Rep. Jonat...

Staples Seniors Treated to a Courtyard Grill-Fest

Ryder Chasin and Rachel Guetta

March 28, 2012

March 28 marked a special day for the now smoke-scented senior class. They carried an air of satisfaction as they proceeded towards their period two class; as of today, they had taken part in the first ever courtyard cookout. It occurred during period three, and while some complained that it is not...

Senate Bill 24 Moves Through Legislation

Cheyenne Haslett, News Editor

March 26, 2012

Governor Malloy’s education reform bill, commonly known as the Senate Bill 24, has been met with both opposition and encouragement across the public education sector. On March 26, the legislature’s Education Committee took on the controversial bill. According to the CT Mirror, many changes ...

Mild Winter Weather Impacts Westport Spending

Eliza Llewellyn, Staff Writer

March 22, 2012

Thanks to the distinct lack of snow this past winter, Westport has spent considerably less on snow removal this year as compared to last year. The howling winds and snow canyons of the past winter have been replaced by 2012’s fifty-degree days and sunny skies. According to Director of the Public...

The Struggle For Spanish Proficiency: Westport Schools Believe 13 Years is Better than Eight

Cheyenne Haslett and Chloe Baker, Web News Editor and Web Opinions Editor

March 16, 2012

It’s been more than a decade. Ever since 2008, freshmen entering Staples have not just become high school students. Those who have chosen to continue Spanish have also entered their 10th year of the language. As the story goes, the Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES) program came about...

Teachers Protest Governor Malloy’s Education Reform

Jamie Wheeler-Roberts, Opinions Editor

March 15, 2012

Students may have noticed Staples teachers wearing black attire today. They aren’t starting a punk rock band. They’re in protest against Governor Dannel Malloy’s education reform bill, SB24. The bill has left many teachers at Staples angered. They came together today by wearing black in order...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Article on HPV Vaccine

March 12, 2012

Dear Editor: Bailey Valente’s front-page article on the increased use of Gardasil for boys (“The Latest Protection: More Teen Males Receiving Gardasil Vaccine for HPV Protection,” Feb. 28. 2012 issue of Inklings) was well-written, but missed some vitally important and growing controversies about...

On the Radar: KONY 2012

Cheyenne Haslett, Web News Editor

March 7, 2012

On Tues., March 6, the power of Facebook made itself known, yet again. 29 minutes of footage had gone viral—but this time, it wasn’t a Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale music video to “Call Me, Maybe.” This time, eight years of life-changing work was condensed into a video that can be watched in less than 30 minutes. To take ...

Hungry for Action? Westport Public Library Hosts the “Hunger Games”

Rachel Labarre, A&E Editor

March 2, 2012

In honor of the increasingly popular “Hunger Games” trilogy and the upcoming movie adaptation, the Westport Public Library will be holding its own simulation of the Hunger Games. The event will take place on March 9, and all students in grades six through 12 are eligible to sign up. Tickets are...

The New C.A.P.T.

Jay Tsai, Graphic Artist

March 1, 2012

Liepolt, Longtime Staples English Teacher, Unexpectedly Retires

Former Staples English teacher Werner Liepolt's desk now sits empty next to that of English teacher Holly Sulzycki's.

Ben Reiser, News Editor

February 29, 2012

When Matt Smith ’13 received a letter from his Film Analysis teacher addressed to him and his parents toward the end of February break, his initial reaction was shock. “I was wondering, ‘Oh, God, what did I do?’” Smith recalled. However, the letter did not express disapproval of Smith;...

The Academic Industry: An examination of Staples’ teacher-to-student tutoring culture

Isaac Stein, Web Editor-in-Chief

February 28, 2012

“It might be different if we were in, say, Podunk, Ark. But this is Westport, and the amount of money that people are willing to pay is not chicken feed. It’s a big business,” said Alan Jolley, a math teacher at Staples. The business to which Jolley refers is tutoring—namely teachers who tutor,...

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