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Students and staff members make or break plans for Valentine’s Day

Nicole DeBlasi

Feb. 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day or as the humorously called Single Awareness Day, is a day many people openly show love to the people they care about and make plans with them. Some students at Staples make a date with their significant other for this celebrated holiday.

“I will [make plans,] but me and [my boyfriend] haven’t figured out what we want to do yet. We were thinking of going to see the movie ‘Endless Love,’” said Bella Purcell ’15.

Staff members are also getting into the spirit of the holiday. Maggie Parkhurst, a paraprofessional in the library, explained that she and her husband are going to go out to a restaurant.

“It’s a breakfast place. My husband loves breakfast,” explained Parkhurst.

However, some people in the Staples community haven’t made any plans.

“[I am doing] absolutely nothing,” Kayla Gitlin ’15 said, explaining that she has no plans because she is single. “[My parents] get [my siblings and I] candy and stuff so it makes up for it,” she added.

Ben Catarevas ’16 said he couldn’t think of anything to do for Valentines Day. Despite the lack of plans, he still likes the holiday.

“It’s a good way to get to know people and show your love to someone,” Catarevas said.

Some, though, would disagree.

“Personally, no [I do not like Valentine’s Day,] Parkhurst said. “I think it’s kind of a made up holiday.”

Regardless of whether it is your favorite day or your most hated, check out this  Inklings poll to see how the rest of Staples feels about Feb. 14th.

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