The Perfect Way to Show You Care

Candy Hearts: Let's Kiss
Image by (aka Brent) via Flickr

Cupid is in the air this month, and Valentine’s Day is coming faster than you can say “I love you.”

This is the time when couples go out to a nice dinner or when families just spend time together while celebrating the peace and happiness that is in all of our hearts.

So here is a little love scenario…

You are going on a date with someone and it is the day before Valentine’s Day. While already being stressed with homework, you try to figure out what to wear and start to get ready. But there is something missing. You realize that you forgot to get your date a gift and you don’t even know what to get. Oh no! What are you going to do?

“I would want candy because I love candy. My dad gets my mom flowers all the time, and I think this year, he is going to get my mom flowers and chocolate,” Lucas Grevers ’14 said.

Flowers are always a great way to show affection for someone and chocolate is a sweet treat that will turn a frown into a smile when the chocolate reaches your tongue and melts in your mouth. Who wouldn’t want that? Isn’t that what students love about Valentine’s Day?

“Chocolate is the best because it also best represents Valentine’s Day,” said Justin Donlon ’14.

Besides chocolate being delicious, it also symbolizes romance and is the typical thing to gift to your date. Not only is chocolate a valentine gift for your date, but it is also great to snack on by yourself.

“One year, I got a chocolate box for myself because I was both lonely and hungry,” said Charlie Greenwald ’12.

Just in case your date is allergic to chocolate, get them something that is cute. Such as a stuffed animal filled with hugs and kisses.

The librarian, Chris Garrity, said,”[…] I [once] got a Steiff teddy bear from my husband called Teddy Baby and I look at it everyday. It was one of my best Valentines gifts ever. But I do not expect to receive anything from anyone. All I want is love and kindness.”

Remember, Valentine’s Day is not just about receiving, but it is really about giving to others.

“I gave a special girl a diamond necklace from the store Kays. She was so shocked, she could not believe it,” Rick Daily ’14 said.

Even though it is hard to think of what the exact Valentine’s Day gift is,  your date will always know that whatever you are giving them comes from the heart.