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[Oct. 2016 News] Trigger warnings have uncertain future at the high school level

November 22, 2016

By Claire Dinshaw '17 and Isabella Ullmann '17   Sophomore year, Brooke Wrubel walked into English 2 Honors as former Staples English teacher Sue O’Hara was handing out the next assigned reading, “The House at Sugar Beach.” “There was a rape [scene] in it,” Brooke Wrubel ’17...

[Sept. 2016 Opinions] Free speech should not be censored

October 11, 2016

By Kit Epstein '17 Breaking News Editor When I was four years old, my parents taught me how to swim by tossing me into the pool in our backyard (with floaties on, of course), then watching me struggle to stay afloat. I had no other option than to flail my arms around in the water and kick my feet u...

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