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Leaky Manhole Prompts Shutting Off of Water Supply

Leaky Manhole Prompts Shutting Off of Water Supply

October 19, 2010

Image via Wikipedia On October 19 at 2:30 p.m., the Staples water supply will be shut off, though it will be restored for school the following day. "There's been a leak out by the tennis court for the past two weeks," Principal John Dodig said.  "It's coming from a manhole." Though many water companies have tried to uncover the cause of ...

Partners In Crime: Why Westport Parents Supply Alcohol To Underage Students

Photo Dramatization by Lucas Hammerman '10

April 16, 2010

Isaac Stein ’12 Staff Writer At a recent, "memorable" Westport party, teens drank several bottles of vodka. They drank six–packs of beer. Then there were also Jell–O shots, portions of Jell–O made with vodka instead of water. The supplier wasn’t a local liquor store. It wasn’t an older b...

In-School Suspensions Supply Beneficial Punishment

An excerpt from the Connecticut State Department of Educations Guidelines for In-school and Out-of-school suspensions, issued by commissioner Mark K. McQuillan. |Photo Graphic by Petey Menz '11

December 9, 2009

On July 1, 2009, the Connecticut State Department of Education mandated that schools aim to lower the number of students being suspended outside of school for violating district rules, but this law was quickly rescinded. The alternative to suspending so many students outside of school would be an increase in the number of in-school suspensions. “The stat...

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