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Westport’s conservative minority struggles for representation

Anders Hovstadius, Web News Editor

June 17, 2016

Growing up in Westport can be difficult for all students, whether it be educational challenges, struggles with friendships or stress induced challenges. But one of the struggles that is almost never mentioned and may be one of the most difficult, is being part of Westport’s conservative minority. After...

Lone senior stranded in AP Language class

Lone senior stranded in AP Language class

Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media

September 19, 2014

On the first day of school, 23 puzzled faces turned to look at me when I stepped into AP English Language, blowing my neon green whistle and wearing a pink boa. They weren’t confused because of my strange wardrobe choice (I was dressed the same as every single senior girl: tiara on my head, senior...

LGBT voices growing louder with Day of Silence

LGBT voices growing louder with Day of Silence

Jen Gouchoe, Staff Writer

May 1, 2014

This year, the Staples Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) will hold its 16th annual Day of Silence on May 2, 2014, a day signifying the silence members of the LGBT community endure due to bullying and harassment. “It is done really to commemorate all the people who have been silenced by those who will not ...

Eight Percent Is Not Enough: What It’s Like to Be a Minority at Staples

March 30, 2010

 Haris Durrani ’11 Opinions Editor It’s different living brown in a nearly all-white town for 16 years. In elementary-school I once preferred playing with a white friend rather than a Chinese friend because Chinese was not “vanilla.” When I visited my grandmother’s Washington Heights...

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