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Students can learn from the Shark Tank

Students can learn from the Shark Tank

Larissa Lieberson, Staff Writer

May 5, 2015

It takes a lot for me to like a television show. My stomach drops every time one of my friends suggests turning on the television. I know I’m weird, but Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal just don’t keep me entertained.   That is, until I discovered “Shark Tank.” I know what you’re thinking; your te...

Take note, life without knowledge falls flat

Take note, life without knowledge falls flat

Katie Cion, Staff Writer

June 20, 2014

I used to sit in my living room at seven on weeknights and watch my brothers get all the answers right on Jeopardy. Realistically, I was too young to know the emperor at the start of the Pax Romana (Who is Augustus?) or the association based in Lubeck that held its last assembly in 1669 (What is the...

New ‘Global Themes’ Course to Replace ‘Western Humanities’

New ‘Global Themes’ Course to Replace ‘Western Humanities’

November 12, 2010

Starting next year, incoming freshman will have an entirely new history experience. The new curriculum will differ not only in the material that freshman will learn, but also how they will be taught and tested. This change occurred on Oct. 12 when the Board of Education approved a new class, Global Themes, ...

To Curve or Not to Curve: The Debate Over Curving Test Scores In Advanced Placement Courses

| Photo by Ashley Bonett '10 and Lucas Hammerman '10

March 12, 2010

Ross Gordon '11 and Jesse Heussner '11 News Editor and Features Editor Vinny Amaru ’11 studied his Advanced Placement (AP) US History textbook for weeks. Disregarding all distractions from families and friends, Amaru began to review the history of America until late into the night. He was rewarde...


Click on the picture and test yourself on countries of the world

January 17, 2010

Dana Rappaport '11 Web Opinions Editor Hi, my name is Dana, and I am a Sporcleholic. Two months ago, my daily fixation only consisted of a “New York Times” crossword puzzle, alongside a “USA Today” “Up & Down Words” and “Quick Cross.” All puzzles were satisfying and highly en...

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