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May 23, 2011 | Good Eats

May 23, 2011

9:44 a.m. Chef Alex in the Staples cafeteria prepares a muffin and a bagel on the grill per request of students in the midst of preparing hamburgers for lunch.

Wake-Up Call: How "Good Morning Staples" Revolutionizes the High School Morning

December 17, 2010

Looking back just two months, it feels like I came into Staples blind. Or, at least, visually impaired. I knew what to expect from an academic standpoint. I knew basically what I wanted to do, what...

Alex & Grace’s Top Ten of 2010- What We Will Miss Most About Staples High School

June 23, 2010

Alex Nitkin and Grace Shay Class of 2010 1 - Fire drills, lockdowns and evacuations: Call them safety preparations or rude interruptions, but to us, they were wel-come breaks from tedious classes....

Disney’s Good-Girl by Day, Scandalous Teen By Night

Dressed in little to no clothing, Miley preforms at one of her concerts
January 7, 2010

Stevie Klein '12 Web Features Editor   I was walking down Main Street in a very good mood last week, but the smile was wiped off my face as soon as I passed the sweetest looking girl wearing...

Inklings Runs Ad on Good Morning Staples Television Show

Editor-in-Chief Victor Hollenberg '10 runs through the halls advertising
June 2, 2009

On June 2,  Inklings aired its first ad on the Good Morning Staples television show as a way to attract readers to its website. The ad featured Editor-in-Chief Victor Hollenberg '10, who ran shirtless...

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