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Students Attend Meadows Music Festival

October 20, 2016

By: Molly Liebergall '17 and Max Appell '18

A Better Chance of Westport sponsors community basketball event

Brendan Massoud, Web Sports Editor

May 6, 2016

If playing competitive three-on-three basketball and raising money for a good cause sounds like a good time, Staples students will be able to do both come Friday, May 20. On that day, the Junior Board for the A Better Chance House, an organization entirely run by Staples students, will host a fundraiser...

Staples Alum Has Chance to Perform At Major Music Festival

Staples Alum Has Chance to Perform At Major Music Festival

April 30, 2011

Upperclassmen may remember Joey Genetti's '09 musical performances in the Staples talent show, however since his graduation Genetti has moved on to a much bigger stage. Genetti and his band Sleeptalk have recently advanced to the final round of bands competing to preform at the ECO Music Festival. T...

[open inklinations] What are you doing during the snow day?

[open inklinations] What are you doing during the snow day?

January 11, 2011

Welcome to [open inklinations], where we give you the chance to talk freely (with limits) in the comment section.  All comments will be moderated by Inklings staff before they appear.  Feel free to share this on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter to let your friends know. According to the National Weather...

Students Utilize YouTube to Promote Talent

Students Utilize YouTube to Promote Talent

December 3, 2010

Image via CrunchBase It is common knowledge that YouTube has become a powerful influence in the music industry. When Justin Beiber was 13 years old is mother started uploading videos of him singing R&B covers. By chance, one of the hundreds of thousands of viewers of his YouTube channel just hap...

“High School Happened” : English Classes Should Assign More Independent Reading

June 13, 2010

Haris Durrani '11 Senior Writer A friend once remarked that he used to read for fun, but not anymore. As a result, he might not come to love reading as he once did. When I asked what happened, he laughed and replied: “High school. High school happened.” A variety of students are stuck in similar situ...

Aitkenhead Moves to Wakeman Farm

Aitkenhead and his family move to Wakeman Farm, promoting a

January 15, 2010

Michael Aitkenhead, an A.P. Environmental teacher, does what he can to cut down on energy use and promote the “green” lifestyle. He recycles, limits his food consumption, and bikes as his use of transportation as much as possible. Aitkenhead admits that “it feels futile and hypocritical at times to do those things and th...

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