Sophomores stage a snowball fight

It started with a post.

“You all may be wondering why I have assembled you here,” Harrison Knapp ’16 wrote in the 120-person Facebook group. He went on to propose a “giant snowball fight,” wherein the entire sophomore class of boys would join him at the Winslow Dog Park to compete in a ice-cold war of capture-the-flag: snowball edition. Especially now that tomorrow is a snow day.

“Who is in?”

“I decided to have a snowball fight to have something fun to do on the day of the snow day (given we have one). I thought it would be a great way to bring the grade together,” Knapp said.  “I think it will go very well if everyone cooperates, and we will all have fun.”

The question still stands, however, on whether or not people will participate in the largest snowball fight the sophomore class has ever seen. Or maybe any class?

“I am definitely participating in the fight, but I’m banking on having a snow day,” said Daniel Brill ‘16, one of the many sophomores in the Facebook group. “I hope there is a big turnout, however because it is hard to tell if people will go.”