Swimmers sign national letter of intent

On Friday Nov. 15th, while most students rushed towards their various buses and cars lined up outside Staples after school, three senior swimmers made their way to the cafeteria to sign their national letter of intent.

Ian Rainey’ 14 in blue and yellow, Verity Abel ’14 in black and blue, and Jonathan Blansfield ’14  in purple and white, sat side by side in between Mike Laux the girls swim coach, and Frisk Driscoll the boys swim coach.

The ceremony began with Marty Lisevick, Staples’ athletic director, introducing the honored students and thanking the audience that comprised of parents, with cameras ready and clicking, fellow swim team members, and some supportive friends.

Next came Principal John Dodig, who commended the swimmers.

“All in all, it’s another feather in the cap of Staples High School and it’s things like this that make Staples the school that it is,” Dodig proudly said.

Laux introduced Abel, who is committed to Duke University, and praised her for her various swimming achievements over her four years at Staples, as she currently holds six school records.

“Having a swimmer like her on this team is a great thing, I applaud Duke and feel remorse for Staples as she leaves next year,” Laux said.

Abel is extremely excited to be spending the next four years with a team like the Duke Blue Devils, but she is also grateful for her experience at Staples.

“Today was special because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on all the work I’ve put in as a swimmer and a student,” Abel said.

Driscoll came to the podium next to introduce Blansfield who is signing to Northwestern and Rainey to Michigan.

“Both of these guys are going to do great. They’re phenomenal athletes,” Driscoll said.

Michigan is the defending ‘Big Ten’ national champion for swimming, which is something that Rainey is excited about.

“Knowing I’m joining a team that has so much chemistry with a coach that has won before is exciting because it means I can succeed not only academically, but also athletically,” Rainey said.

For Blansfield, joining the Northwestern Wildcats has been something of a “dream” for him. Freshman year, he never imagined he would be a senior signing a letter of intent, but he couldn’t be happier that he did.

“It’s just something that happens with hard work and dedication,” Blansfield said.

Before they signed, Driscoll offered some final advice. “Remember where you guys come from. Even though you’re wearing different colors, you’re still Wreckers.”