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Safe and Sound: After recent events in Japan, community questions Indian Point Energy’s power plant’s stability

April 15, 2011

On March 11, an 8.9-mag- nitude earthquake hit the northeast coast of Japan, triggering a massive tsunami that destroyed much of the surround- ing land, including the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power...

Wakeman Town Farm Holds Opening Ceremony, Ribbon Cutting

October 1, 2010

Annie Nelson '11 Managing Editor Though student interns had been working in the fields since April 2010, the Wakeman Town Farm officially opened its doors to the community on Sept. 24 during a ribboncutting...

May 20, 2010 | AP Gardening

Photo by Ted Swanson '83
May 20, 2010

11:20 a.m. Michael Aikenhead's AP Enviornmental class pays back to the Staples Courtyard by planting apple and peach trees. Rosie Levenson '11 along with Staples alum Melanie Scheider '08 plant one...

Feed Me! ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Fills Audience Up With Entertainment

(From left to right) Dan Shure ’10, Eva Hendricks ’11, Kathryn Durkin ’11, and Adam Bangser ’10 marvel at the mysterious killer plant in Players’ production of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” | Photo by Kerry Long
March 26, 2010

Lucas Hammerman '10 News Editor Even after the storm devoured most of the week and trees before opening night, there was one giant talking singing plant still standing with an amazing performance...

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