Governor Declares State of Emergency


At 10:45 yesterday morning, Governor Dannel Malloy signed a Declaration of Emergency, otherwise known as a state of emergency. According to the governor’s website, this declaration grants him emergency powers such as “the ability to modify or suspend any state statute, regulation, or requirement” and “the ability to designate vehicle and person routes and movements.”

In a letter to Secretary of State Denise Merrill, Malloy wrote, “Due to the severe weather conditions predicted to affect the State, specifically the National Weather Service issuance of forecasts indicating that all or part of Connecticut will be directly affected by a combined tropical and winter superstorm, including torrential rainfall, strong winds, and potential coastal and inland flooding over a prolonged period of time; I am hereby proclaiming a state of civil preparedness emergency.”

The Governor believes that the signing of the declaration will help the state react more effectively in the face of a serious weather event.

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