A sparing spender’s Secret Santa strategy


Nate Rosen

Great gifts that meet the usual $10 price limit set on Secret Santa gifts

The 25th is quickly approaching and with Christmas comes the excitement of gift

giving. With so many people to think about, buying presents can be costly. Giving

the perfect gift and being economically savvy are equally important. Below are five

Christmas gifts for $10 or less.


Fuzzy Socks-

Staying warm this winter is crucial. There’s no better way to do so than putting on a

pair of soft wool socks. Head over to Marshalls Shoe Megashop for socks for as little

as $2.99. They’re unique gifts that are put to good use. “Fuzzy socks are so cozy, I

sleep in them every night,” Sydney Newman ‘15 said.


iTunes Gift Card


$10 to add to an iTunes account could be a perfect gift for those music fanatics. That

could buy about 10 songs to last at least 30 minutes. A simple gift like this could go

a long way. Cassie Felman ’14 buys all of her music on iTunes and explained that

buying every song can add up quickly. “A gift card would definitely be appreciated,”

she said.



The holidays are about feeling good, and nothing makes someone happier than a

delicious treat. According to CNN, chocolate “causes the brain to release endorphins,

chemicals that make us feel good.” This gift is both affordable and convenient as it is

sold at every drug store throughout Westport. You can easily spend less than $10 to make

a loved one that much happier.


A manicure-

This one seems like it would be just for the ladies, but men need to be pampered too!

Holiday parties are just around the corner and we all need to be looking and feeling our

best. Clean polished nails are just what we need. Westport Nails’ $10 manicures are hard

to resist. “I go there all the time and it is so pleasant. I highly recommend it,” Elizabeth

Colwell ’14 said.


A hug-

Priceless. It sounds silly but something as simple as this can go a long way. The

Huffington Post explained, “Hugging someone you care about can ease stress and

anxiety, lower blood pressure and even boost memory.” Not only is this a gift that will

leave your wallet full, it is a gift that can make you and the recipient healthier!