Qdoba and Chipotle battle to the last bite


A town filled to the brim with salons, banks and clothing stores seems to finally be finding its new forte: Mexican fast-food.

As many Westport residents are aware, a fast-food restaurant chain called Qdoba Mexican Grill has recently opened its doors to the public. Located on Post Road next to the Westport Playhouse, Qdoba offers meals such as burritos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, tacos and nachos with an ordering process similar to that of Subway. Customers watch as more and more ingredients are added to their meal as it slides across the counter.

Qdoba has been the talk of the town recently, but soon enough it will have to shed some of the spotlight to yet another Mexican fast-food chain coming soon to Westport: Chipotle Mexican Grill. Though these are only uncomfirmed rumors, according to Dan Woog’s blog, 06880, a new Chipotle is apparently going to be replacing the Oaxaca restaurant in Compo Acres Shopping Center. Even if this is untrue, however, students can still get their Chipotle fix nearby in Fairfield.

Chipotle too is operated in a Subway-like manner and sells similar products to Qdoba.

With Qdoba and Chipotle being so alike in style and in what they offer, Meg Fay ’15 is surprised that both will soon be in Westport. “I’m sure both will do good business,” Fay said.

While many argue that Qdoba and Chipotle are the same and have no preference when it comes to deciding which one to eat at, there are some Staples students with pretty strong opinions on which is better.

Lucas Jackson ’15 is a proud supporter of “Team Chipotle.” Jackson thinks that the Chipotle burrito is larger and that the quality of the food is better. “Will I hike to Fairfield to go to Chipotle when Qdoba is down the road? Probably not, but regardless I think the food is better,” Jackson said.

On the other hand, a plus for “Team Qdoba” is the variety of sauces including Three-Cheese Queso, Queso Diablo, Ancho Chile BBQ and Ranchera Sauce. Camille Shuken ’15 is a big fan of these sauces and takes advantage of them whenever she goes. “Qdoba has dank sauce,” Shuken said.

Similarly, Fay is more inclined to purchase her Mexican meals from Qdoba, not because of the vast range of sauces, but because she thinks their food is less spicy.

Whether they be “Team Qdoba” or “Team Chipotle,”  students will be able to satisfy their cravings for a quick and quality Mexican meal.