Classroom Chic


One of many fall fashions to be seen this season.

Deanna Schreiber , Features Editor

Fall is: cozy sweaters, warm corduroys, soft leggings, your worn-in Ugg boots. This year, those clothes will still be staple items, but as the leaves change, so do the hip fashions.  Designers have introduced new add-ons that will give every wardrobe its own personality. Denim button-down shirts, burgundy and olive colors, chic backpacks, and studs will add some flair to make each closet unique.

Nothing says fall like warm, deep colors. This fall, rich greens and reds will pop off of every mannequin. Both colors look great with any neutral colors: white, black, beige, gray. The olive green will be seen in military style jackets, stylish cargo pants, and everything in between. The burgundy will adorn many warm knit sweaters and corduroys.

Ever wish you had an edgier fashion style? Well, this season is your chance! Studs are everywhere. This 70s-inspired style will embroider all apparel. Whether lining the pockets of a pair of jeans or embellishing an iPhone case, they give every piece some personality. The best part about studs is that they go with everything. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes give just the right amount of rock-and-roll to your wardrobe.

Step away from the classic black North Face backpack. They may seem more convenient, but the real style is in the new retro and chic backpacks. Walk down the hallways and a greater variety of stylish backpacks can be spotted. These unique backpacks are not just trendy, but they also show a little individuality. Whether it’s canvas and leather backpack s or JanSport’s patterned bags, these school bags will make carrying books fun and fashionable.

Walk into LF, Mixology, Urban Outfitters, or pretty much any clothing store this season, and you will see a variety of jean-styled shirts. These are not to be confused with jean jackets. Jean shirts are often made with soft cotton materials, created to be longer and to be worn over a shirt or with leggings. Throw it over any summer-style shirt or dress to add a nice fall feel. Finding the perfect denim can be a challenge due to the variety of styles, ranging from dark denim to light denim, decorated with studs, and sold in varying lengths. No matter what you pick, try to get the most versatile shirt for the most use.